ADL and GPU instrumentation

Discussion created by ttelford on Dec 1, 2010
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Temperatures, Fan Speeds in Linux

I'm working on a instrumentation project for GPU's - to monitor things like GPU temperatures, fan speeds, 

In looking at the ADL, I've found a few things that look interesting/useful.  (For that matter, running 'aticonfig --od-getclocks --od-gettemperature' is useful).


I'm currently looking for the following:


  • Temperatures
  • Fan Speeds
  • Clock speeds
  • GPU Load
  • Memory Statistics
The command line gets quite a bit of those, and reading the ADL documentation, there seems to be the ability to get all of these.
However, the problem is that both aticonfig and the demo apps for ADL need to be executed from a running X11 environment - if they aren't, the program(s) throw errors.
It's not possible to use aticonfig from a remote shell (ie. ssh/rsh/telnet), to get this information, nor is it possible to get the information from a pure text console.
Seeing similar behavior in the ADL demo apps makes me apprehensive of writing something to get the information I need, as I _cannot_ use an X11 session to run the program that's using ADL.
If I'm going to be writing a daemon that monitors the GPU temps and fan speeds (along with the GPU load and memory info), I need to be able to get the information without having to log in to an X session.
So - does any program that uses the ADL require the program to be launched from an active X11 session?