Opterons Socket 940 support 32GB of RAM ???

Discussion created by pp2000 on Nov 28, 2010

I have a problem with my Server.

Motherboard Tyan S2895. 2x Opteron 290.

RAM: 8x 4GB Viking DDR-400 Memory (4Rx4, quad stacked RDIMM, registered ECC). With this option the software is getting very unstable and Memtest86+ reports Errors in upper memory (over 30GB and at the under side at 1GB). Each Module has been testes with memtes86+ and works fine alone! The whole memory and the whole DDR-Slots have been tested and are OK!

The Server works perfect with 8x 2GB Micron Memory (2Rx4 ECC registered) and works perfect with 4x 4GB Viking Memory (each CPU has 2, if it is Bank 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 is not important).

I have read that the Opteron supports 8 DIMMs of Memory and supports quad-ranked modules. So on so good.

But i can`t read no where how much Memory Banks the Opteron could handle?!?

Could it be that the Opteron could handle only 8 Banks of memory on an server?????????

If yes, why could i start the system with 16Banks (4x 4Rx4-Modules from Viking) of each cpu and the system is getting unstable?