Radeon 4850 resources

Discussion created by tanq on Nov 5, 2010
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Gave questions about 4850 memories

I've just built my first OpenCL program. Now I want to make working something useful. However I want to know practical potential usability of my card. Some questions remains after reading documentation.

1. Memory sizes. I red that each computing unit contains 16 cores and each core has 1024 32bit registers . Is it correct?

2. On my card (R4850) only 1/4 of global memory available. Why? CLinfo reports 128Mb max allocation size, 512 Mb actually installed.

3. What about memory for program code? Program code memory requirements not mentioned in documents, but it is obvious that compiled kernel needs some memory. What limits for code size?

4. When kernel executes too long my Windows XP x64 shuts down the videodriver. I continue listening my winamp with both monitors turned off Sending computer into sleep and back helps, no reboot required. 
Will it help if I split total work into several clEnqueueNDRangeKernel() calls?