Newbie question, getting started

Discussion created by ipetrusky on Oct 9, 2010

Hello all,

My first post here. I have not written any code yet and am looking for a tutorial on getting started. What I am particularly interested in is the library set up for making some simple scientific computing programs in C. Is there a good book or a how-to guide for beginners? I watched the videos about the Stream and OpenCL and system infrastructure makes sense, execution cues GPU function parallelization etc. What I am looking for is a basic C library for OpenCL/Stream to write the very basic functions in C to do scientific computing on my Radeon HD4870x2.  I would like to integrate the GPU library into LCCwin32/64 under widows vista 64 premium. I am still just getting my feet wet in this, so as simple and basic as possible would be good. I am guessing that there is a "standard" library of functions which invoke the GPU, it is the step by step introduction to them as well as step by step tutorial of integrating the GPU library, header files, lib files etc into a C compiler, in my case LCC-win32/64.


If there is a good "paper" book that explains all this, i'd buy it, any suggestions?


My current programming experience is limited to C99 (not C++), Fortran 90, Basic 486 assembly and higher level languages like PHP, JavaScript.