The impact of PCIe latency

Discussion created by IceD on Oct 2, 2010


Hi all,


I'm working on a project that aims to make CPU->GPU and GPU -> CPU memory transfers faster, and easier to manage on user's source code.


In order to quantify the potential gains of this project, I would need your help to share your experiences about your problems with data communications.


I'm trying to see if this problem is a real problem, or if it has been erased by all the new features of GPUs like overlapping, and not only constrained to some very specific applications.


For example, could you respond to this :


- Of which domain was this program about ?

- Was this an industrial application ?

- Had you been able to overlap and hide all data communications ?

- How much time did the GPGPU project took you comparing to the CPU one ?


If you didn't hide all the data communications:

- How much data communications had affected the perfs of your application ?

- Was the communications a bottleneck ?


If you have real example from yourself, or with a paper dealing with this subject, any help would be great.


Thank you all.