Back to the Truform on modern hardware?

Discussion created by Promilus on Jul 12, 2010
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any way to re-enable long deprecated feature.

That's my first topic in the dev forum. Some time ago I found out that HD2k series (and newer) has hardware tesselation unit, much better than original R200's one. IIRC R300 and later had 'emulated' Truform through render to vertex buffer feature, but the software support (catalyst) was dropped around 5.x or 6.x

My question is then "Is there any way to enable truform effects on modern hardware?" I guess atioglxx.dll from 'truform' version of catalyst isn't exactly the best way (well, probably it actually wouldn't work in any way) to get ability to use npatches. I know newest OGL 4.0 has extensions for tesselation yet it works only with Evergreen (and ogl 4.0 apps - means UH2.1 only right now) . Tesselator in HD2k/3k/4k won't be in-use and that's a shame. There are not so many games with truform support yet it would be nice to have the feature available even if it means modded, unsupported and probably bugged drivers.

So...any hints? Or should I already give up (or buy some 9100pro)?

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Przemyslaw Stalmach