CL_INVALID_PROGRAM_EXECUTABLE when app assigned on not first GPU

Discussion created by Raistmer on Jun 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by omkaranathan
When assigned to first GPU it works just OK.

One of host on that app tested uses 4 HD5970 GPUs.

App uses only 1 GPU so 4copies will be run to use all of them.
When first task assigned to first GPU no errors occured.
But all subsequent assignments end with error: CL_INVALID_PROGRAM_EXECUTABLE for first kernel call.

I use this code to select other than first GPUs:

EDIT: with new build it just caused driver restarts instead of any error.
When 1 app instance launched - all OK, when 2 - driver restart.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 "R2"
Enterprise x64 Edition, (06.01.7600.00),

driver 1.4.636

device_id=devices[assigned_device]; cq = clCreateCommandQueue( context, device_id, CL_QUEUE_PROFILING_ENABLE, &err);