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    IBS sampling accuracy for obtaining LLC miss addresses



      I'm new to IBS and I'm trying to use IBS to obtain LLC (last level cache) miss addresses in an online fashion. My question is the following:

      What is the highest sampling accuracy of IBS? And is this accuracy of IBS sufficient for obtaining LLC miss addresses online?

      By online, I mean that the scheduler's decisions are based on the LLC miss address that is sampled.

      Thanks in advance.

        • IBS sampling accuracy for obtaining LLC miss addresses


          Qualified patients completed a self-administered questionnaire that included several sections: demographics and disease severity; the WPAI:IBS; the Work Limitations Questionnaire (WLQ);[debriefing and Dimensions of Daily Activities (DDAI); and a retrospective diary. In order to test the effect of the detailed questions about work productivity in the WLQ on the single-item work productivity question in the WPAI:IBS, patients were randomly assigned to one of two groups, with different order of administration of the questionnaire, as follows :

          Group A: Demographics/symptom severity and WPAI:IBS; debriefing/DDAI: WLQ, diary.

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