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    Run OpenCL with ATI SDK on a Nvidia card?

      Query Nvidia card from ATI SDK

      Hi all,

      I am trying to run my OpenCL code on a Nvidia card using ATI SDK. Is it possible to do that?

      The reason: currently I am using ATI SKD with an ATI card. Now I want to add a NVidia card to the system to run my app to compare the performance. I don't want to install Nvidia SDK because I did once previously and it make the conflict between the two SDK's dll. After install the Nvidia one, the ATI recognize only Nvidia's dll --> error. Also I am using some ATI SDKUtil function so I don't want to move to Nvidia SDK where I have to rewrite my code.


      -so could I initialize Nvidia card from ATI SDK? I tried to use the program CLinfor on the sample suite but it cannot recognize my Nvidia card.

      -if I cannot run ATI SDK on Nvidia card, is there any way to install both two SDK on the same computer without conflict?