Errors in frame profiler GPU PerfStudio 2.2

Discussion created by MadrMan on Apr 14, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2010 by plohrmann


I'm trying to profile my app with GPU PerfStudio 2.2 on my D3D11 app and i've been having some issues:

Analyze and Timing Pass seem to work just fine, however when I click on Full Profile I get "Number of draw calls per pass varies. Unable to profile."

This error also happens with the DX SDK sample apps.

After getting this error the Timing Pass button suddenly seems to give "Unable to start profiling. Please make sure you are using supported hardware." whereas it worked fine before trying a Full Profile.

I'm calling draw the exact same amount of times each frame, 7 times. (altough Analyze seems to think Draw calls = 9) The API trace confirms there are only 7 draw calls.

I'm not using D3DX so i don't strictly have passes as far as i know, so i'm not sure what GPU PerfStudio expects.

A probably unrelated issue: clicking on the pause buttons doesn't seem to affect the QueryPerformanceCounter return value in any way, shouldn't it make it return 0?