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I am Jason.

How I found this site out Google Search Engine

Game Maker version I use is Game Maker 8.0 Lite.

Here is how to check

On top vspeed> 0 && y < other.y

On left hspeed> 0 && x < other.x

On bottom vspeed< 0 && y > other.y

On right hspeed< 0 && x > other.x

after y or x + and - is a relative position on the object's sprite.

if ( )




No double enters though.

keyboard_check_pressed(ord("3")) is checking if 3 is pressed

keyboard_check_pressed(ord("Z")) is checking if Z is pressed

keyboard_check(vk_left) if check if left is held down.

< is less than

> is greater than


that is some Game Maker stuff I know

#Upload examples, tutorials, games of Game Maker as well#.