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    RenderMonkey max Textures/Texture Objects

      Odd behaviour when exceeding 8 in a single pass

      Does RenderMonkey support the use of 8+ textures in a single pass?

      My GLSL shader works fine in my application, but textures become swapped around in the Rendermonkey preview window.

      There is no references to this in the documentation that I can find.

      Behaviour occurs on the 9th call to texture2D(). Passing in an unreferrenced uniform sampler2D doesn't cause a problem. (I assume because the compiler optimises it away).

      Thanks in advance for any comments

        • RenderMonkey max Textures/Texture Objects

          RenderMonkey does not impose any limitations, so it should work. I'm surprised to hear that it isn't. Does the issue happen when you use more than 8 textures, or when you sample from a texture more than 8 times?

          Does it happen if you edit one of the samples to use more than 8 textures? or does it seem specific to the effect that you've created? If it is specific to your effect, please send your effect to gputools.support@amd.com so that we can investigate further.

            • RenderMonkey max Textures/Texture Objects

              Thanks for your reply.

              I am sampling each texture only once. I'll have to play around a bit to answer your other querries.

              Textures are also appear to be mis-matched when you sample from a texture, but do not refer to that sampling.

              uniform sampler2D colourMap;
              vec3 map= texture2D(colourMap, ...
              //no further referrences to map

              This caused "colourMap" to replace the sampler directly above it.