trigger kernel to wrap up when using a CPU backend

Discussion created by FangQ on Feb 28, 2010
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I am trying to use CPU and GPU simultaneously in a computing task. I want to do slightly better than launching two tasks based on a predicted work-load and wish they both finish at roughtly the same time. I am wondering if there is a mechanism to trigger a kernel to stop and return results when it is running on CPU backend.

The attached is a little pseudo-code to illustrate the scheme. I am curious

1. is this currently possible?

2. what call I should be using to replace "??? signal_CPU_kernel_to_stop ???"


any commons are welcome. thanks in advance.

lauch_gpu_kernel(gpu_queue,"mykernel", gpu_work_load); lauch_cpu_kernel(cpu_queue,"mykernel", enough_work_load); clEnqueueReadBuffer(gpu_queue, ..., CL_TRUE, ...); // read from GPU, blocking ??? signal_CPU_kernel_to_stop ??? clEnqueueReadBuffer(cpu_queue, ..., CL_TRUE, ...); // read from CPU, blocking