Custom build step in VS2008

Discussion created by drstrip on Feb 23, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2010 by omkaranathan

I've created a new project by copying one of the examples. This project is NOT in the directory tree containing the examples. I've copied the .vsprops files to my project directory and edited the .vsproj file to point to the right place so that it will load. When I attempt to build this project, the compile and link work fine, but the post-build custom step fails because it is trying to copy the <project_name>.cl file to the CL directory defined by a relative path in the samples tree. Of course, in my case this path is not valid.


Two questions:

1. I've never played with custom build steps before and can't find where it's defined in the project. As far as I can tell, it doesn't appear in the project properties, it doesn't appear in .vsprops pages, and it doesn't appear to be defined in a .rules file, since I can't seem to find any in the entire ATI tree.  So, where is this post-build rule to be found?

2. And do I really need it? Is this just a hack in the samples to simplify searching for the .cl file in the sample code?