AntiAliasing permanent off after use of Multiple Render Targets

Discussion created by the5ilence on Feb 17, 2009
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Problem still exists in Catalyst 9.3


I have a Radeon HD 4800 and use Catalyst 9.1 under Windows XP SP3. I am developing games with Microsoft XNA and I have encountered a reproducable problem, which does not occur on NVIDIA Chipsets (Tested with NVIDA GeForce 7800 GTX ForceWare 6.12)

If I use any Draw call with more than one RenderTarget active (it does not matter if MultiSampling is active for these RenderTargets) AntiAliasing will not be used in any subsequent draw calls, even if they only use a single RenderTarget or just the screen for Draw-Calls.

AntiAliasing remains disabled, until the GraphicsDevice is reset. Although AntiAliasing is not available for Multiple Render Targets, it should be available for following draw calls to a single RenderTarget or the screen.

The RenderTarget Format does not change anything, I also tried all 3D-Settings in the Catalyst Control Center -AntiAliasing is only active until the first draw on a RenderTarget with higher index than 0. This problem does not occur with NVIDIA GeForce 7800

Any Help ?

 I have already filed this request in the AMD-Games Forum and in the Catalyst Feedback Program, but a Mod in the games-forum adviced me to ask here.