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I've always been involved in tech in some way; one of my first projects was developing/maintaining Linux 3DFX kernel code/drivers with Daryl Strauss. I also started the Linmodem project and contributed to various sections of the GNU/Linux kernel. Later focused more on overall data/network security and automation & application design. I am the author of "Deep Learning: A primer and beyond" a soon to be released 12 set course covering topics such as creating DL algorithms in Python, ANN/CNN/RNN and more. My history with AMD started with the humble K5 and I've owned EVERY desktop and server processor since then except the K6+/++, Phenom II and X2/3. Outside of the tech industry, I'm a serial entrepreneur, foodie and fitness nut (at least, the outdoors kind - like Spartan Races) and generally fascinated with life and everything it throws at me (especially if tech's involved). To wind down, I like to tinker with PC water loops, new tech toys and gadgets, and generally pushing my systems to the limits. --Wlad aka Whiskey-Foxtrot
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