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Mr. Mojo Ryzen

My first new build for myself using all new parts in about 5 or 6 years.  Originally had a Vega 64 for this, but the Radeon software had all kinds of problems when I installed the card in my old system, and still does with a different Radeon card installed. I was pretty upset and went with the 1080 instead.
The Sea Hawk 1080 EK X comes with a factory EK water block.  I am colling it with an Enermax NEOChanger 300 mL model.  I'm using a Swiftech 240mm rad and a 120mm rad from an unkown AIO setup I had lying around. Tubing is Primochill and connectors are Bitspower.  I replaced the Cullinan fans with 6 Thermaltake Riing fans. Also painted the case starting with Krylon white primer, then moving to Krylon metallic silver, and finishing with Krylon 'Hammered'. I made a custom VRM heatsink for the chips north of the cpu socket. These weren't covered from the factory. I ordered some straight flat copper bar and angle aluminum online and joined them with Arctic Silver thermal adhesive and mounted them to the chips with the same. It definitely pulls the heat off those VRMs.  I also added 2 red LED strips to the top of the case and installed a toggle switch into the bottom front of the case right under my H110i radiator. The GPU radiators I chose to mount outside the case just to do something different, and to kind of give it a bit of a steampunk feel


CPURyzen 5 1600 @3.92 Ghz all cores (lapped)
CoolerCorsairH110i (lapped water block)
MotherboardGigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3
MemoryCorsair Vengeance RGB 3000 Mhz
GraphicsMSI GTX 1080 Sea Hawk EK X
Disc Drive 1Samsung 960 Pro m.2 512 GB
Disc Drive 2
Disc Drive 3
PSURosewill Hive 650
CaseRosewill Cullinan


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Re: Mr. Mojo Ryzen

Beautiful build you have there

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Re: Mr. Mojo Ryzen

nice PC an awesome dungeon! A+++++

Is this the PC with most performance of your PCs?

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Re: Mr. Mojo Ryzen

Yes, this is my new personal PC.  I actually don't have time to game very much, and I was spending money on building multiple systems along the way.  I just thought it was time to build myself something nice. All of the LAN systems are powered by Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and in 1 case a Haswell processor.  All graphics are Radeon except obviously my new rig.

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