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2018 AMD Community Year in Review

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Happy (almost) New Year, Red Team!

From celebrating Ryzen’s one-year anniversary and launching a refreshed Red Team program, to community meet ups at PAX, TwitchCon and more, it’s been a packed and amazing year for AMD and our community. To celebrate, we’re counting down the five best moments of 2018.

#5: Community Meet Ups!

PAX, E3, CNE Gaming Garage and more, we were there and so were you—loud and proud. This year we put our stamp on gaming conventions all over the world. You showed us how pumped you were to get hands on experience with AMD products at Tokyo Game Show, China Joy, DreamHack and TwitchCon. While there, we hosted memorable Red Team meet ups with swag, giveaways, photobooths and social media contests: and we’re looking forward too many more in 2019!


#4: 12 Days of Streaming

To show our appreciation to our passionate community we kicked off a special event. Just in time for the holidays, we launched a special 12 Days of Streaming Twitch event. Alongside our special guests hosts NaomiKyle, iAmLucyMae, PancakePowTV and Kiings, we streamed for 12 days straight playing your favorite games, chatting about our products and giving away a few, too! We gave away processors, graphics cards, laptops and desktops to 12 lucky winners to enjoy!


#3: The new AMD Red Team

The AMD community leveled up in June when we rolled out new updates to the Red Team. We’ve expanded the Red Team banner to include 4 new teams to spotlight all of your skills, interests, and excitement for everything AMD. These new teams include: Streamers, Reviewers, Students, and the Street Team.

Whether you’re a fan-favorite streaming personality or a PC hardware guru, we’d love to have you play an integral role in our community in 2019 and beyond. If you bleed AMD Red and want to learn more about the Red Team programs, watch our community video and consider applying here.


#2: VLANs on VLANs on Super VLANs

We can’t complete this year’s highlights without remembering the VLANs we hosted in 2018. This year we held 3 VLANs with you all: the Superfan VLAN, the 2nd Gen Ryzen VLAN, and the AMD VLAN featuring MicroCenter. One of our favorites was the 12-Hour Superfan VLAN where so many of you showed up, gamed hard, and won Ryzen and Radeon powered PCs.

Hosting VLANs gives us the chance to introduce new faces and personalities to the stream, try out new games, and interact with the Red Team community. And then we throw in tons of prizes for fun!


#1: Ryzen’s 1st Birthday

And number one on the list? It’s only fitting that celebrating the one-year anniversary of Ryzen tops our year in review. The outpouring of support, excitement, and passion you showed with Ryzen coming into the market was nothing short of exceptional! We went big with Ryzen’s Birthday. Between VLANs, giveaways, an epic event at SXSW, and of course – Ryzen birthday cupcakes, this was the cherry on top of a great 2018 with our community.


Honorable Mention

Of course, when we talk about all the exciting community activities we took part in over 2018, we can’t forget about all the giveaways. Between VLANs, contests, and events, we created a ton of opportunities to win some awesome AMD hardware. Over the entire year, we gave away over $62K worth of prizes! Be sure to follow all our social channels in 2019 for more chances to win.

Thanks to each and every one of you for making 2018 a great year for AMD. We’re looking forward to what’s next in 2019, and we couldn’t do it without our devoted Red Team community. Here’s to a fantastic New Year together!

To keep up with what’s going on in the Red Team community in 2019, follow us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch!

Adept II

What an excellent year for the entire community. 2018 was good to us so lets make 2019 even better. Happy New Year community

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

2018 was awesome for the AMD community, can't wait to see what 2019 has to offer!


Have any more of that honorable mention cake?

Adept III

I'm psyched to see what 2019 has in store for us all! Let's get it!


Let's let it be a good year!  I think we all had fun last year.


It was a great year!  


2018 was a great year to be #redteam can't wait to see 2019 with the release of Zen2 Ryzen 3000 series CPUs and Navi! #RyzenHype #betterred

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