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Volunteer Moderator

Another clean build.  How can you afford to build so many computers?  Are you thinking about an AM4 processor upgrade with the new 5K series coming out recently (or maybe a 5800X3D)?

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Thank You!

I have a lot of parts from the last 10 years of building. I always have to buy something for my builds because I am always short something to make it look like I want. Big ticket items like CPU's GPU's, m.2's, Ram I have bought some of it and won some of it in contest's, gifted the item etc. This build for example: I bought the case because I ran into it and got a deal for $99 with the mesh screen. Couldn't pass. And the design with the movable PSU is cool. I bought the AIO 360 and the red/black ext. cables. Every other part I already have. I am short on Motherboards, CPU's and PSUs now though. I have even more water-cooling parts. Yeah, when I look back and my wife would probably agree, I have an addiction.

No upgrades for now. This thing is a beast. My nephew just bought a house, and we were thinking about giving it to him as a housewarming gift. But then I am out my RD 6900xt Ultimate. That hurts.