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Adept I

Favorite mods of seasons past

Anyone have some favorite mods they've done or seen?

My two favorite builds I've done were probably when I made a cylindrical fish tank computer (with fish tank filter and everything) and when I had the opportunity to work with AMD to make a mobile LAN party in the form of a three headed (dragon) computer.

Fish tank computer:

Mobile LAN party, King Ghidorah:


Obviously the mobile LAN party was inspired by some of Linus Tech Tip's 2 gamers 1 CPU builds

But when it comes to aesthetics and getting into modding in general I was really inspired by SNEF and Hans Pe

SNEF's goldwings was just mind blowing for me at the time:

And Hans's early work with distro plates is one of the reasons I eventually bought a hobbiest CNC machine:

Does anyone else have some favorites?  Builds they did and hold a soft spot in their hearts for?  Or builds by others that inspired them to get into this awesome craft or encouraged them to try something new?  Please share!

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Community Manager

OK, first of all... both of these are insane. I'm so excited to see what kind of builds or inspirations you share here! The fish tank so unique, and I love King Ghidorah. I don't have any favorites or anything to share just yet, but give me some time, and I'll be happy to share what I find.

Volunteer Moderator

Pretty cool mods.  I like the aquarium design but your CWE Cases Facebook page no longer exists.  It's only been five years....

My favorite mod that I made was Through the Looking Glass.  This is still my fastest machine but the year isn't over yet!

Cooling is no problem with an open case.Cooling is no problem with an open case.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Ya I kind of rebranded a little bit and then the pandemic hit and I stopped keeping up with the modding scene when there were no LANs to go to and parts were basically impossible to get (I'm almost ashamed to admit I don't even have a single watercooled computer right now).

Your set up looks great!  I love desk builds, I've never done one.... yet... I still have an addiction to squeezing as much power and cooling into as small as possible.