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Red Rig Showcase

His and Hers!


Hi Again All! A Little while back I asked the fourm on some good parts for a starter pc for my gf as she is gaining an interest in pc gaming... so between some upgrades I bought for my rig and spare parts I had lying around I thought I would upload both of ours! Mine is somewhere on this forum but I've gotten some new parts since then anyway. They both aren't anything too impressive, but work well if your target is 30-60fps.

(His) - Here is my rig, I've had for 5 years now. I've used it to play games at medium to high settings, access databases, music production, image editing, but mostly fix other computers with it (lol)
The ATX motherboard in the Commander Series covers a lot of cable management holes making it hard to correctly cable manage this system, but I'm always swapping/adding hard drives anyway. The RX460, 212 Evo, and EVGA 550 watt really make for a nice, quiet experience no matter what I'm currently doing.



This one is newer, and normally I wouldn't recommend buying an FX system in 2018, but I had DDR3 lying around, and I knew the 6300 would be good enough for the GTX 760. the Mini ATX board made cable management a breeze. This one is noticeably louder, but I blame the stock cooler and no name PSU for that.



CPU(his) FX6350 OC'ed 4.2ghz. (hers) FX6300
Cooler(his) 212 Evo (hers) FX6350 Stock Cooler
Motherboard(his) Asus m5a97r (hers) Asus m5a78l
Memory(his) 16g Patriot Viper (hers) 4g Patroit Viper
Graphics(his) RX460 Oc'ed 1350mhz (hers) GTX 760
Disc Drive 1
Disc Drive 2
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSU(his) EVGA 550 watt (hers) 650 watt
Case(his) Thermatake Commander (hers) DIYPC Ranger R4
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Re: His and Hers!

Both nice builds. Good to see you making use of older hardware.


Re: His and Hers!

both very nice builds I'm thinking hers is a fx 6300

Re: His and Hers!

lol yes - didn't even catch that.