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Radeon ProRender Discussion

Journeyman III

Cinema 4d r22 Pro Render freeze & crash


I was looking for a solution in many forums, many have such a problem, but I have not found a solution

Cinema 4d r22

MacBook pro 2015 AMD Radeon R9 M370X (mac os Catalina)
eGPU Blackmagic AMD Radeon Pro 580  - bought specifically for PROrender

immediately after turning on the render - a black screen,
when I close it, the program freezes and can only be closed.

maybe someone knows the solution
thank you very much

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Journeyman III

Re: Cinema 4d r22 Pro Render freeze & crash

Been having this weird problem where I'll be working (with Octane open) and C4D R21 unexpectedly crashes with any warning or error. After this certain crash, C4D refuses to open and just hangs. No initializing layout screen, it just hangs. I've tried uninstalling C4D many times, tried using latest 2018/2019 but the same issue happens. It's a specific one because after the crash, I can't get C4D to open unless I sign out of my restart my computer or sign out of my Windows user. I've attached the bug report below and an image what what it looks like when try to load up C4D after the crash. I'm thinking it might be Octane related because it only happens when I have Octane LV open. Would really like some insight into this on what could be possibly wrong (or what I'm doing wrong). It seriously kills productivity when I have to sign out and close all my programs just to jump back into C4D again.