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Radeon ProRender Discussion

Journeyman III

Any news for Daz Studio ProRender plugin?

Before any AMD employee come here and say its Iray. Yes, I know. And yes, I know there is a Blender Bridge in Daz. But it just triple my work time on a scene and Blender ProRender doesn't work sometimes for some reason even with same scene it rendered before.

5-6 months ago Octane released their Daz Studio plugin. But there is still no news for ProRender plugin. If I am not mistaken both ProRender and Daz are using PBR materials too. 

I really can't understand why AMD isn't working on a plugin for Daz Studio which is one of the most user friendly 3D software out there. I have been googling to find any news for a year now. It just nothing out there. At least AMD can give a simple answer like; "We are woking on it" or "We are planning to work on that future but no date for now." etc. I know I am not alone with this if you look at the Daz Studio forums and I am pretty sure there are many AMD and Daz Studio users waiting for an answer.

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Adept I

I would love to see this. Hope AMD is working on or collaborating on getting one made. DS has plugins for Octane and Filament now in addition to Iray. Would really like to be able to have a manageable option for ProRender. 

Journeyman III

I agree. I just updated my Computer System I'm running an AMD 5900X CPU, 32 GB of High-Speed Ram, and an AMD 6800XT GPU. I bought the AMD card because the box said Ray Tracing! What a Joke for us in the design field. I see AMD Pro Render has plug ins for Blender, Houdini, Autodesk Inventor, 3DS Max and Maya and Unreal but nothing for DAZ Studio. I have Googled this and find nothing! I guess I just have to return this 6800 XT card and wait for an Nvidia 3000 series card to become available at less than 100% Markup! Thanks for Nothing AMD 😞


I'm in the same boat - Radeon 5800 XT and Daz Studio 4.2, but no communication between the two.  This is all I get: