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What’s New for AMD Software: PRO Edition – Wait! What is this?

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AMD Software: PRO Edition

AMD-Software_PRO-Edition_Logo.pngWe are rebranding our software suite to better integrate graphics with CPUs and platform-level features and accelerate performance throughout the entire machine. Professional users are anticipated to see quicker times for renderings and video encoding, smoother performance for 3D model interactions, streamlined ray tracing, and graphics-driven computations.


Performance Level-up!

We continue to improve performance with both our graphics cards and support software. Get the most out of your machine by utilizing the latest version of AMD Software: PRO Edition. The newest software driver contains important optimizations to improve your performance with the Radeon PRO workstation graphics cards and graphics-intensive applications.


Support has Arrived! Maxon Redshift with Radeon™ PRO Graphics

Maxon-Redshift.pngMaxon Redshift, the world's first fully GPU-accelerated biased renderer, has added support for the AMD Radeon™ PRO W6800 graphics card. Now Redshift creators have more GPU options available to deliver production-quality renders in less time. We worked very closely with Redshift to maximize performance with AMD GPUs. Redshift’s Progressive rendering utilizes all 32GB of the Radeon™ PRO W6800 to help improve the frame buffer and allow real-time manipulation of the model.




Download AMD Software: PRO Edition 22.Q2


Brad Pugh is a Product Marketing Manager for Radeon PRO graphics at AMD


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