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AMD Radeon ProRender with MAXON Cinema 4D R20

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[Originally posted on 09/14/18 by Rob Jamieson]

Cinema 4D users now have a powerful new way to create photorealistic imagery, thanks to MAXON Computer’s recent work with AMD. First integrated in 2017, AMD’s Radeon™ ProRender is an intuitive physically based GPU render engine – and in Cinema 4D R20, it has grown even more powerful, with new features like motion blur, subsurface scattering and multi-pass rendering designed to help it slot into modern production pipelines.

Being based on OpenCL™, the open standard for GPU computing, Radeon ProRender will work with virtually any combination of CPUs and GPUs on both Windows® and macOS® (via support for Apple® Metal® 2). However, as a leading proponent of OpenCL, AMD’s professional graphics cards are specially optimized for the job. First integrated in MAXON Cinema 4D R19, Radeon ProRender enables artists to create photorealistic imagery quickly and intuitively, adjusting only a small number of settings.

“Radeon ProRender is a fast, highly interactive way to render images,” says Oliver Meiseberg, MAXON’s Chief Product Officer. “Artists can achieve the results they like much faster, and present changes to clients. It saves a lot of time iterating on designs.”


Created by Makoto Tamura using AMD Radeon™ ProRender for Cinema 4D™

In Cinema 4D R20, Radeon ProRender has been even more deeply integrated into the software, with a set of new features helping the renderer slot seamlessly into standard modern post-production pipelines. “In 2017, we wanted to get Radeon ProRender into our users’ hands. This year, we’re integrating it even more deeply into Cinema 4D,” says Andres Hildebrandt, MAXON’s Vice Director for Marketing. “In Cinema 4D R20, Radeon ProRender supports render layers, subsurface scattering and motion blur. Having those things is a gamechanger.”

The pivotal changes to Cinema 4D are empowering artists with the features they want, and the streamlined workflows they need. MAXON Computer’s and AMD combined effort have created a powerful and integrated render engine.

MAXON Cinema 4D R20 is available now, and you can see it in action by visiting AMD at IBC 2018 from September 14 – 18.

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Title image created by Günter Nikodim using AMD Radeon™ ProRender for Cinema 4D™ R20