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Adept I

X670E with Ryzen 9 7900X

hi everybody !

i decided to go from an AM4 platform to AM5 with X670E chipset, Ryzen 9 7900x and 32 gb DDR5 G.Skill trident Z5 neo RGB CL32 memory following QVL list.

my AM4 was already unstable with random crashed but it was ok !

But with that X670E chipset ! it's a Ramp !

when are you gonna fix that Mess ? i can't undderstand how you can put such material on the market !

EXPO is enabled and my memory runs at 6000MHZ, that's OK !

BUT 1 minut to boot up ! unacceptable ! and if i enable restore memory, my pc crashes randomly at boot !i tried many things  because i'm a system engineer used to work on Intels platform at work and AMD platform for my private...

i'll wait the next 2 to 3 Bios releases and if not fixed, i'll scratch AMD from my habits and my private customers and will buy ans advise Z790 platform !



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dont enable XPO! the XPO presets are mad! this is why it is crashing!


that's not a solution for me !  my Ram has to run at 6000 mhz as it's intended to. i tweaked a bit the bios and no more crashes but that 1 min boot is unacceptable.

please share more details. which mb you use and which bios, please share the options you changed and the impact after the change.

No they arent, and no its not. 


Been running a x670e-e since November, cl30-6000 at 6200, first with a 7600x then a 7950x, now a 7800x3d. 


Zero issues. None. Is your mobo bios up to date? Memory issues havent been a thing for half a year or more. 


EDIT- oh, and expo settings since day one, again, it was built last november. Zero issues.  And, i dont loose my **bleep** over a 42 second boot. Just leave your rig on if 20 extra seconds is killing you. 

"And, i dont loose my **bleep** over a 42 second boot. Just leave your rig on if 20 extra seconds is killing you. "

Exactly my point

Volunteer Moderator

This topic interests me, as I have the MSI MAG X670E Tomahawk WiFi AM5 motherboard with the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X CPU and 64 GB (2 x 32) G. Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB RAM.  I have not had any crashes, but I do have the long boot time.  It's almost like the motherboard is resetting something and then it boots.  I believe I have enabled XPO and the memory is running at 6000 MHz like it's rated to.  So I can live with a longer boot time, as everything else seems to work just fine.  Maybe @yabadabado you need to focus on your motherboard BIOS settings and perhaps figure out what is going on during those 42 precious seconds.  

My memory settings look good to me.My memory settings look good to me.The CPU looks good too.The CPU looks good too.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

@yabadabado if you are facing an unstable system, memory context restore should be disabled, not auto. So memory trains at every boot

1 minute seems to much, I would clean the memory contacts and re seat them. Sometimes help. 

I have mine at disabled and its rock solid with 21segs boot, with it enabled its 8segs but it crashes with BSOD. But I think thats on ASUS because other brands are nailing it so I heard. But not sure. 

If you really want fast boot and context restore enabled, you can try to enable memory power down as well. No more BSODs but in my case it didn't shave that much time... 

Also, you should check board vendor support forums for the best bios version. 

My system is an RoG Strix X670E A, 7950X and Gskill z5 neo 6000. Things are Super peachy on my end.

EDIT: Did reduced waiting time to enter bios from 5 to 1 and enabled fast boot. So its not that bad. 

The Englishman

I think its memory training. Each restart. But i have no idea. And dont care. But everyone is different. 

  Guess im weird. I give zero **bleep**s about a 40 second boot time. And i have fast boot off lol.  I guess other peoples 25 seconds (on top of a normy 18 or so second) boot is nothing but frustration, hate, PAIN, or costing them money.  Just doesn't bother me. (im around 42 seconds per boot from fresh/complete restart, 30 something ish from a reboot, if that makes sense)

 I guess im old, and 20 seconds on top, does nothing to me. Hell, not to mention, my pc hasnt even been "off" in ... uh, 4 months? lol So, to each their own.  

OP sorry your unhappy with the build, .. imho, you should go all intel.  Truly, if its THAT BIG of a bother to you, and your "private" customers, whatever that means, then absolutely, sell/dump what you have now, and switch. 


Can i dm you to buy all the stuff you have off you when you switch? Ill take the lot. But, be happy with your gear. Absolutely. 

Adept I

Good Morning all,

Soory for my late answer.
finally, i've :

- disabled the "game boost CPU" in the bios at the main page.

- enabled "context memory restore"

- enabled "Power Down Enable" in advanced dram Configuration


so actually, no more crashes and a boot time of a bit less than 20sec.
My specs are :

- MSI MPG X670E carbon wifi motherboard (never again MSI ! i'll sell it to get back an Asus ROG Strix)

- Ryzen 9 7900x

- 32 gb(2x16) G.SKILL Z5 neo rgb.... CL32


Have a nice week allz.

 I'm glad it works now

The Englishman

But, every asus rog board, burns up cpus... if you havent read or seen.



(i own/run 2 x670E-E boards by the way........) And i love them. 

Its like ya cant win,.. huh?

Adept I

This is my humble sugestion to any of you having BIOS issues, I hope you find the solution for longer than normal boot time here:

Clear CMOS. but, first ,Cut the power to PC and, (using motherboard manual as needed) Find CMOS pins and remove the  Battery  from motherboard to clear CMOS and then pull DDR5 sticks and , like someone already suggested on a post, clean the contacts, and make sure you are installing your memory sticks where they are suppose to be on the motherboard's DIMM RAM slots, pls read motherboard's manual.

I made the mistake, that remids me that AM5 is not longer AM4 DRR4 setup style.  After that check inside your case and  make sure all plugs and fans and RGB headers have been installed as they should be installed according to their configuration. Dual channel DDR5 sticks and if you are using one or two pairs of identical DDR5 sticks of RAM, have yourself good lighting and magnifiying glass if needed so you accidentally don't change the polarity on a FAN or RGB header, leading to an angry as hell capacitor, which in turn will seek revench by slowing down Bios boot time.

So be sure all connections are correct. then Turn power on to the computer and don't let it boot to windows ever until your boot time is some like 5 secs before starts loadding windows.. This was the hard part for me since x670e motherboard requires a DDR5 trainning time which is quite long time  such as: AsRock x670e pro rs , ENTER BIOS settings. And reboot after setting in BIOS to ( load the DEFAULTS) settings. Do not let PC boot to windows yet and Enter into Bios again. This time, follow your motherboard's Bios manual and set your XMP or AMD EXPO.

My pick from AMD EXPO mode and speed preset modes.

With my G.Skill Trident Z5 @6000mhz cl- 30 x(32x2) / 64gb  AMD RYZEN 9 7900x ( AMD ECO mode 65w) and preset mode: PBO tjmax 75°c and -20 for the Curve Optimizer.

Boot time 17 ~20 seconds all the way into windows 11 desktop ready to execute whataver I want or please to do. Aida64 tested and also Cinebench among others. Not a crash, BSOD,hucups or low performance issues at all.

So if you are still not lucky afterwards,  that motherboard BIOS is not set properly or you need to RMA yours. Because it must  be able to get out from Bios checkup to start windows system in about 5 secs at most. So make sure you have it running that fast before even trying loadding windows OS.

My board has a BIOS FLASH usb port specific for flashing the BIOS. Try not to use that USB slot ( mine has it on the rear) if your motherboard has one, nothing should be plugged to it, unless you're Flashing your X670e Bios thru that USB port. AM5 motherboards are indeed very fast and powerfull boards. But very sensitive to our bad tweaks (human mistakes). I'm glad that I made the upgrade from AM4 to AM5. Ryzen 7000 CPU's are awsome, packed with nasty power, but thirsty for watts.  A M D  has engineered the best chip ever. A monster chip that needs to be carefully tweaked for it'S tru performance.

At least mine is running nice at confortable temps. The way I want it to be.

This are my specs:

AsRock x670e pro-rs, AMD Ryzen 9 7900x with AMD ECO mode enabled - BIOS version: 1.22 (latest)

PBO tjmax ( Motherboard preset ) at 75°c and Curve optimizer -20mV.

I Try pbo tjmax preset 75°c plus -30 curve optimizer, but had BSOD during benchmarks. So I stick with pbo tjmax preset of 75°c plus -20 for curve optimizer. PERFECT

Thermalright Assassin peerless air cooler ( Fans running full speed)  

64 gb G.Skill triden Z5 with AMD EXPO running at 6000 mhz cl 30 ( voltages Auto)

Corsair RS 850w modular PSU

Samsung Evo plus 500gb m.2

With a crappy AMD Radeon RX 580 gaming 8gb (manually custom undervolt to it's base max frequency of 1257 mhz. Manual fan curve. AMD Adrenalin 23.9.1

Windows Pro (NO background Apps enabled)

You have to be making some mistake alone the line. Something is mis-placed or not making good contact with your motherboard, if you are having performance issues using AM5 during just Bios bootup. BIOS shouldn't take more tan 5 secs to check system and start OS, It happens, yes it can happen when we are in a hurry. I learn my lesson the hard way, but certainly will do my best to help others so the don't fall into the same mistakes I made. Even with a crappy Radeon RX580 I'm able to run anything (game related) at no less than 60 fps smooth. 

First time Boot DDR5 training times 150 secs

If I'm missing any details here pls let me know.