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Journeyman III

X570 UD Heatsink

I have Ryzen 3500 sitting on Gugabyte X570 UD motherboard.

I am a newbie, using 3500 on x570 does not make much sense, but I did, I know.

The issue I have is, there are two capacitors which are sitting between the processor socket and RAM.

Not the stock wraith cooler heatsink touches them.

Should I be concerned ?

if need to replace the cooler, which one should I go for ?

thanks for your response in advance.

3 Replies

Those caps should be low enough not to be affected by the cooler. I have seen this many times from users.

In short, the machine should be fine as assembled and you can continue using it.

Thanks for the response.
I had to be sure, so I checked again. And yes, there is around 1-2 mm gap.
Phew !!!!

Still that was too close for normal observation.


That should not be a problem as the caps are able to handle more heat than the CPU can