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Journeyman III

Would my b350 motherboard work with ryzen new APU

So at November i bought some PC part in hoping to finish my build on December which didn't work, i have the case, PSU and mother board then i heard about ryzen new APU and i got hype for it cause it would save me a lot of money of buying a gpu seeing that the prices went up again. The only problem i found was i check the ports my mother board have and it only have USB 3.0 and some USB 2.0 (i think) and no display port/ hdmi / and vga, so idk if this mother board can even use the new APU graphic without those ports.

Mother Board -

No clue if i can even return the mother board cause it was gifted to me. So i was wondering if i could use like a USB to hdmi/display port/vga to be able to use the APU graphics or even getting a pci that have some vga ports. Doing a really ball to the wall budget build and the APU would really help since i don't need to buy a gpu to be able to use the pc.

PCI - Rosewill Dual Serial Ports PCI card Model RC-301 -

USB 3.0 to HDMI - USB 3.0 to HDMI, HD 1080P Video Cable Adapter with Audio Output For Laptop HDTV TV PC wi...

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It is an interesting situation. The motherboard provides no video ports, but the website indicates that it supports APU, "by connecting external graphics card." This brief statement seems to indicate that another GPU is required, and the APU graphics will not be used.

I do not know if APU graphics can be accessed with a low-cost port converter.

The Rosewill port converter you linked above will certainly not work because it connects to PCI bus, but this motherboard has no PCI slot. Also, the Rosewill converter provides RS-232 serial ports, which are not VGA ports.

The USB to HDMI port converter linked above maybe could work. It is going to depend on the motherboard engineering. Therefore, you should ask AsRock if it is possible.