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Why Ryzen 3800x still is NOT running at advertised clock speeds?

As the title suggests...   I've installed the latest bios update, installed latest chipset drivers.

 Even enabing pbo and xfr.. Ryzen balanced or Ryzen performance power plan and still RYZEN 3800x DOES NOT HIT ITS ADVERTISED CLOCK SPEEDS!!!!!!

Why the false advertising AMD?

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yep replying to myself, because amd has nothing to offer...  My rig 3800x/570 Taichi/Gskill 3000mhz cl15 memory or Gskill 3200 cl14 memory, or Patriot 3400 cl16 memory/ msi 1080ti gaming x trio.. cpu cooler is Cryorig h5u 165w tdp air cooler, Enthoo pro-m case with two Noctua 140mm intake fans running at 880rpm and 2 Noctua 140mm exhaust fans running at 600rpm.. temps dont go over 70c under full load, even the vrms stay at 71c according to cpuid hwmonitor.

 This is right after four cinebench20 runs and the machine setting at idle..

 What I find funny is the 3.5ghz core in the snippet.. that core#6 is suppose to be the fastest core on the cpu according to ryzen master, yet I've yet to see it hit 4.5ghz. core 1 and 3 are the ones that hit it, even core 5 hits it sometime.. That tells me I should have at least 3 cores capable of hitting a sustained 4.5ghz..

 My bigger issue is why isnt this setup running at the base clocks?  and literally 100mhz per core from it.


Take the SS when youre running a test like R15 all-core or blender. You're taking an idle screen shot, only 13w, claiming it isn't running at advertized base clock........ Are you unaware Zen processors downclock and downvolt when idle?

AMD has already said 3rd party reporting software will only report the last state when idle, they cant report sleep. Thats why one of those cores is showing 3499 as well. Your minimums are also reporting the last minimum frequency before they went to sleep. And, you may not have noticed in your own SS, that core 1 went above the boost frequency.

HWiNFO + Ryzen master when 'idle':


HWinfo + Ryzen Master under an actual load:



Looks like I was correct, being amd is working on a third bios update and has publicly released a statement of why they are doing so..


Correct in what? You have kept saying they 'lied' about the speeds of the processor and crying false advertisement, not about it being a bios problem which I have been saying it was.

And do you have a response to what your frequency your processor is running at under load? are you going to blow that off too cuz you were wrong?

Journeyman III

I'm having the same issues with my 3800x.  Clean install of Windows 10 Pro 1903.  Gigabyte Aorus X570 Ultra MB with latest F4 bios and also latest AMD chipset drivers.

When using Ryzen balanced profile:

At idle - CPU is at 3.8 GHz (all cores), Vcore is around 1.104 and CPU temp (stock cooler) 40-45 degrees C.  Doesn't even reach minimum spec of 3.9 GHz.

When switching to Ryzen High Performance profile:

At idle - CPU is at 4.3 GHz (all cores), Vcore is 1.488 and CPU temp is 53-57 degrees C.  Not a single core achieves 4.5 GHz when doing any kind of load. I have PB and PBO turned on.

I'm pretty disappointed...….didn't get what I paid for and what AMD claims as specs appears to be untrue.

Adept III

Here is a statement from AMD, 3rd September 2019:

“AMD is pleased with the strong momentum of 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processors in the PC enthusiast and gaming communities. We closely monitor community feedback on our products and understand that some 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen users are reporting boost clock speeds below the expected processor boost frequency. While processor boost frequency is dependent on many variables including workload, system design, and cooling solution, we have closely reviewed the feedback from our customers and have identified an issue in our firmware that reduces boost frequency in some situations. We are in the process of preparing a BIOS update for our motherboard partners that addresses that issue and includes additional boost performance optimizations. We will provide an update on September 10 to the community regarding the availability of the BIOS.”