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Journeyman III

Why frequency my CPU is low in stress test?


cpu: ryzen 3600

motherboard: msi b450m pro-vdh max, bios b40

ram: 3200MHz 32gb 16-18-18-18-36

gpu: vega 56

During the stress test the frequency for all cores is low is it normal?

I think my processor is defective

Stress test aida64


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Big Boss

gnuvse, please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) - simply drag-n-drop the image into your reply.  Without RM I cannot even guess.  Please do not add any other images - RM alone!  I think your processor is NOT defective.  The best test seems to be Cinebench R60, using both the single and all core test.   Thanks and enjoy, John.


Cinebench R60 what is it?

Why my frequency low in stress test?
Why my frequency on one core 4GHz in test CPU-Z(last screen shot)?
I was disappointed



Stress test


CPU-Z single core


Say me that my CPU defective, because in the specification to the processor it is written differently than I received


Thanks, gnuvse for the RM shots.  This is a user forum and seldom do AMD employees read/post here.  Since you are clearly unhappy and disappointed, please contact AMD Online Support.  I suggest you tell them your country and language.  They may be able to recommend closer support and possibly in your own language.  Unfortunately I cannot answer any of your questions since I do not know what you are running.  That is why I recommended you get Cinebench.  Please search for it.  If I post a link to a non-AMD site the post gets moderated which delays it from several minutes to several days. 

When an OS (W10) gets a task to do, it schedules it on the processor, selecting which core(s) to use.  The processor only does what it is asked and does it as fast as it can.  All looks fine in RM.  Please be sure to get the Quick Reference Guide from the RM site and read it.  Thanks and enjoy, John.


Why do you think that frequency 3775-3825 MHz in pick load(100% load) it's fine?

3775, John

I can buy, intel i5 9400f and get more, because a cpu work on 3900 MHz.
I saw many tests on youtube and there frequency 4000 MHz on all cores.

I've written to amd support. =(