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Journeyman III

When will I recieve a response about my boot kit? And when will it arrive.

After just purchasing a Ryzen 7 3700x and an MSI X470 Gaming Pro motherboard, I realised that it needs a supported cpu to install the necessary BIOS update. Most MSI motherboards contain a BIOS flash button which allows you to flash the necessary update from a USB, unfortunately mine does not have said button. In any case, I requested an Athlon 200GE Boot Kit about 6 hours ago, and have heard nothing since doing so, not even a confirmation email. When will I hear back, and if so, how long does it usually take to arrive, does anybody know?

Additionally, does anybody know of any other way I can update it?


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Journeyman III

I have the same problem but I requested a confirmation from the reader.

Tthe email has been read and since I am waiting for a confirmation.

how long does it take to get an answer for a boot kit?

Journeyman III

It's a terribly slow process. Called Monday, directed to webpage. 3 days later get email response to send info like lots of pics and receipt (I should have been asked for all that in the initial request). Further waiting, It's Friday, and still no response from AMD. I call every day (squeaky wheel gets the grease), but nothing still (so for me it's a week and it hasn't shipped). They claim 14 working days to send it out, and that's after a week or more to even accept the request. I have read users taking over a month for their boot kits. I think AMD is purposefully slow in order to exhaust the return window on their products.

Adept I

Did you ever get a response?