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Journeyman III

Voltaje problems ryzen 7 5800x

hello! I wanted to ask you because I have been having voltage and temperature problems on my Ryzen 5800x, I previously had a 5600 and I upgraded to a 5800x, the thing is that opening the web browser the processor rose to 1.4v, going up and down all the time, reaching up to temperatures of 70 degrees or more with the browser, I have a 240mm liquid cooling that would have to leave it cool, I wanted to know if someone can help me, since I don't know if it is normal for it to have surges all the time, sorry if it is not understood my English is very bad, I'm using the translator


Cpu: ryzen 7 5800x

Mother: Asrock b550 extreme4

Ram: Corsair vengance 32 GB 3600mhz

Cooler: deepcool castle 240ex

Psu: nzxt 650 w bronce

Gpu: rtx 4060 ti 

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