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Journeyman III



I have a AMD Ryzen CPU with a broken pin.

The pin that is missing is VDD_18_S5 thought the pin is gone.

The cpu looks to operate for now.

Anybody knows where the pin VDD_18_S5 is for on the AM4 socket?
Where should I expect issues?

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After posting the Make & Model of your motherboard and Ryzen processor might help.

Did you purchase the Ryzen Processor with a broken pin or did you break the pin yourself by accident?

If you purchased the Ryzen from a Retailer and when you took it out of the AMD Retail box and found that pin broken or missing then you need to open a Warranty with the Retailer to have it replaced.

AMD Warranty doesn't cover processors with broken or bent pins. But if it came like that from the AMD Retail box and your Retailer/vendor's Warranty has expired then you can try and show proof that the Ryzen came broken via photos and documents but that will be very difficult to prove that it wasn't Customer Error on your part unless the Retailer backs you up.

If you broke the pin yourself then you are out of luck. If the Processor is working normally without any problems then you got lucky. Try Stress testing the CPU and see if it crashes under heavy stress.

There are a few YouTube videos on how to repair a processor with a broken pin but it isn't easy and you will probably need to purchase some special equipment.

This website explains and shows the Ryzen and AM4 Socket layout and IDs each pin: Socket AM4 - AMD - WikiChip 

This is what VDD_18 pin does:

Seems to deal with 1.8v SOC Power Supply to the CPU. The "S" might mean Sensor, but just guessing.


If you are having problems with the processor, a good electronicsist can solder a new one to replace the broken pin. A good quality solder is stable up to 200 degrees, and a processor will be well below this temperature. I used a processor with the repaired pin at very high temperatures and had no problems.