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Journeyman III

Upgrading from Ryzen 5 1600x to 7 3800x

Hello, i want to ask, im gonna buy Ryzen 7 3800x when it gets released, i own MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard with MSI RX 580 8GB and 16GB System Ram 3200Mhz. To upgrade to these 3rd Gen Ryzen Cpu's i need only to upgrade Bios to new version then i will be ready to go to use it or i should buy new motherboard with rams for it? Im asking since i dont have experience with upgrading from 1st Gen to 2nd or 3rd Gen cpu's on same motherboard. Thank you for answear. Have nice day.

2 Replies

I would suggest you open a MSI Support ticket for your motherboard and ask them.

According to this chart posted by Black_Zion, the X370 will be supported with a BIOS Update.

Big Boss

s4yr1s, I would also suggest you check with MSI as black_zion does and visit their Forum and read any threads on the subject.  Please plan on installing a fresh of copy of Windows after the processor update.  Thanks and enjoy, John.