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Adept I

Updating AMD Chipset X570 Error

When I run the latest update for the AMD X570 chipset driver it gives me the following error:

"This Installer is intended to be deployed only on an AMD system. Exiting installation as the requirement is not satisfied."

I have a Ryzen 5800X with Radeon 6700XT with no over-clocks completely stock for both. Earlier I tried reinstalling windows and installing the driver was fine (a few months ago), but I noticed straight afterwards and a few Windows Updates later re-running the driver would give me the above error. Not sure if there is some option in BIOS that needs to be turned off first like AMD Virtualisation maybe since I use WSL. 

I hesitate to uninstall the old chipset driver I have installed, because the last time I did this with the new install I became stuck with no chipset being able to be installed as it would just keep giving me the above error.

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