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Adept I

Threadripper 1950X declining memory controller?

My RAM kit rated for 3300. Never reached it.  Did 3000 for a couple years, then couldn't remain stable so lowered to 29xx, then 2800.  Now can't remain stable above 1600.  System is 3 years old.  1950X warranty runs out mid January  2021.  RAM kit is 128GB (16GBx8).  At 2600 memtest86 was flooding the screen with red errors.  I really don't look forward to testing sticks individually in every slot.  I don't have extra TR4 CPU/motherboard for additional testing.

Do some cpus have weak memory controllers?  Was I too hard on my CPU?  I wasn't impressed with OC gains when experimenting so I always ran it at stock clocks.

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