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Adept I


Hello, I have a question about temperature. Is it normal when my cpu went sometime (or just random moments, when i launch some apps at the same time) to 70*C for some secs and later is around 45*C? ( i have aio cooler. snowy argb 240 ) 

Also in is it okay if i have in games 74*C??? ( Sometimes up to 80,4*C ). Is it normal with this cpu? I'm bit afraid cus in old pc i never had more than 70*C. 

cpu: r7 7700 
cooler: silver monkey x snowy argb 240 aio
pc case: MSI MPG Gungnir 300R Airflow 

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That behavior could very well be the CPU boosting while its most needed. So, yeah, pretty much normal.

80C is a very average temperature during gaming and well within safety limits, so don't worry.

You could undervolt or curve optimize to get better temperatures. Also, set a better fan curve during those loads to help.

I'm not familiar with that brand of AIO, could be a weaker design.... 

Good luck.


The Englishman
Adept I

Those are good temps! As long as you arent throttling then you have nothing to worry about! That CPU is perfectly safe at an operating temp of 95C, so as long as you are at or below that you have nothing to worry about at all!

Ryzen CPUs try and boost as hard as they can until that point, if you are below it you are doing A-OK!