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Adept I

squeaky Wraith Stealth cooler

I purchased a Ryzen 3600 last August.  The Wraith Stealth cooler has started to emit a sound that sounds like a chirping cricket.  Does AMD provide replacement coolers for folks like me who have processors still under warranty?  The CPU itself functions properly.

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I believe AMD does replace the CPU Cooler if it came bundled with the Processor in a Retail box.

But AMD Warranty starts when the Retailer's Warranty ends. Otherwise you will need to go first through your Retailer's Warranty first before using AMD Warranty.

You can open a AMD Warranty Request from here: 


Thanks, I started a warranty request.

Journeyman III

I just got r5 3600 today and temps were not good i guess i was getting on low load like 5-8% usage around 50-60+ °C and like 4-5h later i hear exactly the same sound. Should i call store that i bought cpu in?