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Journeyman III

So confused about RAM for 2700x


I am not a complete newbie, I have upgraded/swapped out many parts before but I have never built a PC from scratch. I have decided on the Ryzen 2700x as my CPU, but I am really confused with the RAM. With Intel it was pretty much go to Amazon buy the capacity you wanted and slap it in. AMD seems like it has more limitations or restrictions.

The PC is going to be primarily an audio workstation (Cubase Pro v10 if it matters) so I have a need for at least 32gb of RAM and would prefer four 8gb sticks over two 16gb, but either will work for my needs.

I have selected the Asrock B450 Pro motherboard as the one that fits my needs best.

I looked at the QVL, still confused, and here is why.

I read all over the internets that the new AMD processors need fast ram to reach full potential. However, the qvl for every mobo manufacturer I read only has one or two 16GB sticks that are supported at 3200 or above. Then they go into things that are above my pay grade like ss/ds and dimm socket support 2, 4, or 2/4 and I'm trying to determine what all that means. If Dimm Socket Support says 4 on a 8GB DIMM, does that mean I can put 4 of them in?

I could go the easy route and ask the community what they recommend for 32GB of fast, but not break the bank RAM for a 2700x on a B450 mobo, but that would be lazy

Any direction would be very much appreciated!



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SS/DS - Nothing that makes a difference in outside servers.

DIMM Socket Support - 2 modules, 4 modules, or 2 and 4 modules, basically how many modules you can use on that motherboard  with that RAM at one time.

If I were you and needed 32GB RAM, I'd just slap in two of the G.Skill Flare DDR4-3200 kits.

Journeyman III  ich habe bei mir die G.SKILL RIPJAWS V DDR4-3200 8GBx4 F4-C16D-16GVKB CL16-18-18-38 1.35V  und keine probleme sie laufen unter xmp 3200mhz sogar ohne das die timings im bios beim msi x470 gaming plus für diese speicher klasse eingetragen sind   auch der cpu boost ist eingeschalten und mein ryzen 7 2700x hat damit auch kein problem trotz allem ist es unerlässlich darauf zu achten das alle speicher selben jahreszeit hergestellt sind zb 2019 februar sonst werden sie ganz sicher nicht alle 32gb nutzen können sondern eventuell nur 16gb das liegt einfach daran das der hersteller der speicher jeweils andere chips verbaut das bedeutet winter andere chips wie im Frühjahr und das macht die speicher sonst nicht mit einander kompatibel obwohl es die selben sind flare F4-3200C16D-16GFX  speicher sind gleich mal doppelt so teuer und nicht zwingend notwendig 

Journeyman III

I have an Asus Crosshair 7 m/b(terrible QVL list) and an AMD 2700x and ended up getting the GSkill RGB ram. They look great. Check Gskill or Corsair QVL list. There's far less m/b to test than there is RAM so memory makers can confirm compatibility easier : D . Hope this helped