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Adept I

Shutters and low fps with video on second screen

Hi,i've upgraded to a 6800xt and im currently experiencing the issue of shutters when i have twitch or youtube open on the second monitor,i've been trying everything from installing fresh windows/drivers etc..

anyone can come up with a solution?

my cpu is a 5600x

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I've never run a two monitor system, so take this for what it is worth.

You didn't mention what you consider "low fps" to be.

Very little sense in letting the CPU generate 253 frames/sec if your one of your monitors is only capable of displaying

100 frames/sec.  To begin troubleshooting, I would set both monitors to a moderate Vertical refresh rate.

Say 100Hz or maybe even 60Hz.  I don't know if you have controls in your game to cap the FPS.  But if you do,

then invoke them.  The stutter you see on one monitor may be due to the flooding of frames the card is trying to 

deal with on the other.    Good Luck.  Again that would be my initial approach.  Take it for what it is worth. 


as for lower fps i mean that i have capped fps with freesync and they go way lower when video tab is open.

I don't know how to describe it exactly but i know they should be go down but not by that much,the game is black desert online.

on nvidia i could solve this problem just by doing some tweaks into the nvidiaprofilerinspector,but with amd idk how to solve this.

i have 2 144hz monitors 


You understand that YouTube Videos are captured around 25 Frames per second.

If you start playing a Youtube video,  right click on the video as it plays.

This will bring up a menu.  Click "stats for nerds"   there you will see a report like 1920 X 1080p @25

So if you have Free sync on, I expect it to just show 25 frames per second. and not 60 times a second that

a Vertical refresh of 60 would imply.  This saves wear and tear on your graphics card as well as monitor


i think there is a misunderstanding,i do expect frames to drop with a vid on second monitor,but what i am talking about is more frame that u'd expect which cause shuttering which is the main problem here.

on nvidia you could solve by using the Multi display option in Single display performance. i don't know the science behind it but felt like that option redirect more power to the monitor where the game is running avoiding the shuttering and increased frame drop.


hello 5600X and 6800 non XT user here i saw your tirle and tested it myself with the 21.6 driver and i have similar problems

without stream my fps are good but with a youtube video on my second screen they drop around 5 to 6fps any they are not smooth