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Journeyman III

Scrambled Screen on Startup, and Sometimes After POST

When starting up a newly built PC, the display is scrambled in the BIOS.  This only changes when either I flash the BIOS, after which I can access the properly displayed BIOS only once, or after booting up into the Windows OS on my hard drive normally.  The hard drive allows the screen to un-scramble on either the first or second startup, and then upon restarting, I can access a properly displayed BIOS.  When restarting from said BIOS, the screen becomes scrambled again until I restart the computer again, and boot into Windows.

I've tried multiple functioning displays and swapped out the graphics cards into my older system, and both cards work fine on my PC and show the scrambled imagery on the new PC.  A friend of mine got the same CPU, Motherboard, and Power Supply at the same time I did, and has the exact same issue, but he has a different Graphics Card and different RAM.  I've also swapped out the RAM with working cards and got the same result.

I'm wondering if this scrambling display is an issue with the Video Card, the Motherboard, the Processor, or some kind of compatibility error.  It seems like the display is being fed one resolution, and trying to draw that information to another resolution, since the imagery is distorted but tessellated across the screen.  For instance, I can see the loading screen with the loading circle from the motherboard but repeated across the screen with distorted colors and shapes.

Motherboard: MSI Pro B550M-VC WIFI

CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X

GPU: Geforce GTX 3060 (I've also swapped out my Geforce GTX 980)

RAM: Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 2x8GB (I've swapped this out for my Ballistix DDR4-3600 2x8GB, and tried only one RAM card in the A2 slot)

Storage: 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB (I've also used my old non-M.2 SSD, both which can successfully boot to Windows)

Monitor: ASUS VG248 (I've used my AOC 2590G4 as well with the same effect, and the new monitor works fine when Windows and the BIOS boot up properly)

Scrambled "Pro Series Loading" DisplayScrambled "Pro Series Loading" Display"Pro Series Loading" Display"Pro Series Loading" DisplayScrambled "Windows" DisplayScrambled "Windows" DisplaySuccessful Windows Boot after Scrambled Loading DisplaySuccessful Windows Boot after Scrambled Loading Display

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