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Ryzen Mobile Tuning: Controlling and Monitoring Ryzen Mobile

Hello all,

My name is Keaton and I figured that I would share this here. For the last few months, I have been working on a number of projects related to controlling and monitoring AMD devices. My personal project, Renoir Mobile Tuning (RMT for short), is finally getting close to what I would consider to be a good initial release. RMT allows users to monitor and tune Ryzen 4000 series chips. I am just about to start a new project that is aimed at doing the same for every Ryzen processor out there. Athlon laptops to 64 core ThreadRipper, I want to offer one unified app that can push any Ryzen Processor to what it can handle. But there is a problem with this, this information is not available outside of AMD even under NDA. 

I am trying to get in contact with someone at AMD to speak about publishing some of the information that I have on other architectures. I basically know how to monitor, overclock, and adjust every Ryzen based processor out there. 1usmus's CTR (another project that I was apart of) was a great example of what having access to a small portion of that data allows for. I also have a number of small issues that are present in Ryzen Mobile that I would like to see addressed at some point. 

If you would like to check out my work, you can find it here:

GitHub - sbski/Renoir-Mobile-Tuning: Control power and temperature limits on AMD Renoir powered lapt... 

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