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Journeyman III

Ryzen Master Tool For Ryzen 7 3750h

I am not going to overclock the processor. A little annoying noise during working hours. On the contrary, I would like to reduce the frequency to 3.0 because it is not comfortable at 1.3-1.7. Or at least release a separate laptop utility to configure the processor.

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This isn't an Official AMD Support but a User to User Forum.

You need to post your computer specs. You mentioned you have a Notebook (Laptop) processor. If I read your translated post correctly. If so AMD has no program to be able to Overclock/Underclock your Ryzen Laptop processor.   AMD Ryzen Master can be used to Overclock/Underclock Desktop processors but not laptop processors.

What is the exact Make & Model of your Laptop?


Мне не нужен разгон. У ноутбука только два плана электропитания либо он тупит на 1.4 -1.7 ггц
Либо шумит как ядерная электростанция на 3.5-4.0 ггц
Допустим проблема не в частотах но на режиме электропитания так же идёт срезка по скорости на ссд...
Скорость падает с 500 мб до 50-100? Асус ты издеваешься??? ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT этот ноут

I do not need acceleration. The laptop only has two power plans, or it tupit at 1.4 -1.7 GHz
Or noise like a nuclear power station at 3.5-4.0 GHz
Suppose the problem is not in the frequencies, but in the power mode there is also a cut in speed for ssd ...
Does the speed drop from 500 mb to 50-100? Asus are you kidding me ??? ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT this laptop


IF the reason why you want to decrease the speed because your laptop gets extremely noisy, then I suggest you contact Asus Support about it. It may be the laptop fan(s) are going bad or maybe something is obstructing the fan's blade making it noisy or even if the vents are clogged or dirty.

Most laptop are fairly quiet, at least the ones I have had in the past. Even at full loads. The only place you will hear noise is from the fan which is probably the only movable part in the laptop. Unless you have a Hard Drive and not a SSD installed.

If the above is wrong concerning what your problem is, you will need to clarify exactly what is the problem you are having.

NOTE: I realize it is difficult for you to communicate in English since it isn't your native tongue. This is an English Only Forum but sometimes my browser translates incorrectly Non-English posts. 


Your Laptop has a very new BIOS Version from Asus Support: ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DD/DT/DU Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS Global 

Also I would make sure you have the latest Laptop CHIPSET from Asus Support:

If your Laptop has Nvidia GPU then there is a hotfix :

Updating the BIOS to the latest version may help fix your problem or then again maybe not. But with Rzyen Processors it is my opinion to have the latest BIOS Version installed since it normally comes with improvements and fixes to the processor and making it more compatible with the laptop's hardware.


BIOS updated ....

Journeyman III

There is no sense in writing in asus. They promised a stable processor without throttling. Get it! here it is, but the price for it is noise ... Everything was normal with the coolers. Intel didn’t have such a problem with or without overclocking. the temperature was 70 *. and here 90 * but it does not increase it is a fact. Stability))))