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Journeyman III



i have a x670e  ASUS EXTREME with a 7700X but i am really disappointed with TEMPS and power usage even in IDLE mode BROWSING!

i have tried for weeks to enable ECO mode but while it is activated in BIOS it is NOT available in RYZEN MASTER and even when i activate it on BIOS no lower temps and power usage so i have GIVEN UP on it.

i had better Luck on MANUAL MODE and i could immediately press APLPLy and have it applied WITHOUT Resetting. 

The problem is that i had to APPLY it every time i logged into windows but i was OK with that. I would have Vcore at around 1.00 to 1.15 volts it would be stable and temps would be between 49 to 55 degrees! Much better.

there has been an update lately and every time i try to Apply the Manual Undervolt it has to RESET windows.  It seems that my ASUS board and its overclocking tweaks collide with RYZEN MASTER. I get POST image. i have to go inside BIOS reset settings and then log on to windows and repeat the process.


While i love AMD and ASUS hasn't let me down the last 8 years. i have found the latest implementations quite horrid!  

My questions:

How to APPLY RYZEN MASTER settings without RESETTING so i can have manual UNDERCLOCKING

and if not possible how to do this in BIOS MODE manually.

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Big Boss

zanatos, messing around in BIOS is how users get into trouble. I think there are conflicts between BIOS and RM and have a Support request open with AMD. Please open one also, here. There seems to be a real conflict between ECO mode PBO and BIOS messing. Thanks and enjoy, John.


You don't need to use the built-in ECO mode, you can create your own ECO mode profile in Ryzen Master.

First make sure it's DISABLED in BIOS, then you create a new profile in Ryzen Master with Control Mode set to Precision Boost Overdrive.  Then you manually set the PPT, TDC, and EDC values to what the ECO mode values would normally be for these CPU's (I don't know it offhand for 7000 series Ryzens, as I have a 5800X - Google should find you the answers).

In the Settings menu, make sure you have Persistent PCD Values set to OFF.  Setting it to ON will make changes directly to the BIOS and will force a reboot when you switch profiles, rather than just simply applying the parameters.

Note that you CANNOT manually adjust voltages or clocks with a PBO profile.  This can only be done in Manual control mode, but you are trying to emulate ECO mode functionality, which is done via specific (lower) PPT, TDC, and EDC values.  You can, however, disable/enable cores or SMT in a PBO profile, however this will also require a reboot.

As long as you stick to changing only PPT, TDC, and EDC values, you can apply the PBO profiles on the fly without a reboot.

Here is my 65W ECO mode profile in Ryzen Master.  ECO mode for your 7700X will probably have different numbers.



Notice my Ryzen Master (older version) has an ECO mode button, but if I select it, it requires a reboot.  So instead I just emulated it by creating a 65W PBO profile with the same values as the 'real' ECO mode, and the end result is exactly the same, without needing to reboot.  It applies instantly and I can close Ryzen Master and the CPU will be effectively in ECO mode, unless I shut down or reboot.

If I want to go back to 'standard' power settings, just click the 'Reset' button and it goes back to stock instantly.

Also, please download/read the Ryzen Master Quick Reference Guide available on the same page as Ryzen Master, it can help clarify some questions you might have.



Thanks ryzen_type_r, the special Profiles looks like a great idea but please be aware that there seems to be conflicts between Ryzen Master (RM) and direct BIOS changes. Users should select one or the other. I have an AMD support request open on it. Setting PBO in BIOS will eliminate ECO mode for processors offering it and resetting PBO does not recover it. I also think the occasional locked clocked problems (like at 547 MHz) seem to be also a conflict. Enjoy, John.


Sorry to get back to that one but I might have the same issue. 

I followed the plenty of videos on YT to start the process of curve optimization. I have a negative on all cores of -30. Cinebench was tested successfully.


Now I want to try out some values on PPT, TCD EDC but Ryzan Master is always forcing me to restart when I want to select any profile. In this case I do so the Curve Optimization is disabled?!

Not applicable

you people dont understand what ryzen master is for. 

It is meant to be to TEST the CPU load and see the usage with your code or apps to ensure its actually USING all cores and its temps under like a day of load.. its sort of a software monitoring 'i changed stuff' tool for uhh additional data when benchmarking (which are all fake as **bleep** by the way not ryzen master in general but everything else yeah) . You use the data to find a stable overclocks and voltages then you APPLY them in your BIOS manually DUH!. but sadly people use it to sabotage performance and apply it in the task scheduler and boot of your OS and other things and install fake power plans to cripple your system. The amd website chipset drivers and adrenaline drivers should have somewhere a ryzen balanced power plan inside the packages/drivers folders in c:\AMD\ when you run the adrenaline installer and chipset installer and it unpacks for the setup. Browse in there and in the driver packages you basically run them all manually and add the drivers manually in device manager. seems u gotta do it each boot its why in the 80's every1 booted up a computer deleted everything running from memory and trimmed back half the hard drive files that arent used and then NEVER EVER turned things off ever and screamed like "its a server you must never unplug it or restart it!". ryzen balanced is better than all power full power max on or those malware "ultimate windows power plans" and other regkey retard **bleep**gotry as it can game the advertised on release of RYZEN BALANCED power settings was about up to i forget was it roughly 140% the gaming performance with 80% the power usage compared to max full power or was it something like 180% power efficiency and 40% performance boost just by setting the correct power plan. often people used stupid eco mode or low power mode in bios or other options and it was literally running your devices at 1/4 the performance because the cheapest tiniest mp3 players and mobile phones use a fake PCI system and RAM system bus.. where its literally them pretending to build one with 1/4 the bits its supposed to have and its bandwidth is almost invisible and nonexistent and sort of uses this dumb crippling communications method they claimed saves power but the amount is kinda not much at all but it costs a few cents instead of like 20$ and they call it things like LPDDR low power DDR.. what it means is some **bleep** stole your laptop RAM and soldered in some 80's garbage that was probably from a literal garbage dump. recycling the uhh.. scab style? but yeah some laptops or other things have like the cheapest fakest RAM and boards and SSD's that dont even cost $10 and your real desktops uses like $300 RAM and SSD parts. so having those uhh PCI efficiency and low power and ECONOMICAL modes as an OPTION in the bios and power plans.. and you buying an expensive gaming PC with whats known as HARDWARE TEMP SENSING SPEED STEPPING AND SELF GOVERNED POWER THROTTLING and its FANS TURNING TO ZERO RPM when its idle on say an internet forum webpage.. and you FORCING YOUR COMPUTER INTO THE FAKEST OF MP3 player device power plans ECO MODES and BUS BANDWIDTH and FAKE RAM MODES trying to SAVE POWER to SAVE THE PLANET FROM ELECTRICAL COMPANIES.. well yeah.. you look really dumb. your powerful hardware needs actual power idiot. UNDERCLOCKING is super important but you will never accomplish it because the exact same RDNA/RYZEN chips and things are in some laptops and run off a battery for like a whole days gaming on a phone or whatever and can do identical to desktop performance in a phone.. yes a phone.. i have an LG V60 it games like my ryzen5700xt and ryzen 5700G desktop PC identical settings apps games and graphics and colorspace and ray tracing and HDR (well better than ray tracing ray casting ray marching PRERENDERINGPOSTERENDERING MULTIPASSULTRAEXTREMERENDERINGlikeunrealmayahoudinirhinocerousunity3d..) with about 10fps difference

try my config file here.. because you need to enable things like SMARTSHIFTMAX technology and SMARTACCESSVIDEO SMARTACCESSMEMORY SMARTACCESSSTORAGE and other things. you should also convert to video or game in ANALOG inputs and outputs.. for your radiation based quantum infinity super computers from AMD.



Sorry man but that did not help at all. 

I know that ryzen master is not for playing around, but it seems to be the case that I can't do the same stuff as others do in their way to test the right settings to put it in BIOS. I checked several videos and non of these guys have to reset their PC when they switch to another plan - nor their settings are overwritten - it seems to be the case that I have a conflict. Anyways.