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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 5950x + aorus elite x570 BSOD restart vwhea loger

hello, since i bought the cpu and the motherboard (on my two computers) i have always had constant reboots vwea loger processor error, i have looked in many forums and i have managed to reduce the reboots and now it usually happens 1-2 times a day... could you recommend what bios settings do I need for an aorus elite x570 and a ryzen 9 5950x to work correctly? (I have tried using the motherboard cpu guarantee and even ram and hard drive I have replaced them with a new one and the exact same thing continues to happen) I have two computers exactly the same with aorus elite x570 and ryzen 9 5950x and I always have constant reboots having everything factory default. event viewer: Vwea loger component processor error etc...

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Big Boss

albertitoink, I think you mean "Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA)". Please post the Basic view of at least one error from log. Provide lots more information on your System: Power Supply, cooler, memory and much more. Please post SSs of Ryzen Master (RM) Basic and Advanced modes running Cinebench R23.  Please do not cut off top, bottom or sides. Be sure your BIOS is current and all AMD drivers come from here. Thanks and enjoy, John.