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Journeyman III

ryzen 9 5050x input lag

I bought a new ryzen 9 5950x and installed it and i noticed after a while of playing my keyboard would have a delay as if it was lagging. its also only my keyboard and only while i was playing a game even somthing light like minecraft or a 3d browser game. i tried a different keyboard but its the same ive replace every part of my pc except for my gpu i upgraded my psu and it helped a little and i also changed my motherboard and that has helped to most to where i can play tarkov and it only lags when i spawn in, randomly about every 10 min for a few seconds and after ive been playing for a while it gets more frequent and worse, i also bought a 360mm radiator but that didnt make much of a difference. ive noticed when i was on my old motherboard i was at 100% cpu usage even with just a browser, spotify and discord open and i would notice that the when the lag happened my cpu would drop to less than 1 volt. when i switched to my new motherboard my cpu was running at 6% max with a browser, spotify and discord open. im not sure what could be the problem exepct for some bios setting but idk what to even look for or the cpu is faulty but none of the pins are bent so i dont know how i would check that either.

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