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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7900x3D at 88 degrees cinebench with noctua nh-d15 cooling and kryonaut 12.5w/mk

Hello, good afternoon, I have a Ryzen 7900x3D with an Asus STUF x670E-plus motherboard and after updating the Bios to the latest versions that according to Asus improved the performance of the new CPUs, the packcage in maximum use went from 68 degrees to about 88 degrees of peak, with the maximum temperature of these CPUs being 89 DEGREES, it increased by about 18 degrees after updating the Bios, I tried previous versions and it was still the same, apparently only with the factory one I did not have those problems.

Another problem that it has is that the VRM at rest is at 53 degrees and the CPU package is at 50 degrees at rest too, I have it with a 4090 that in maximum use it does not exceed 60 degrees or 70 in Hot spot, I have tried to use it in games and the temperature of the cpu and the vrm does not exceed 60 degrees, but I am concerned that without using it it would be around 50 degrees at rest... although later in games, which is what it is for I am going to use it, it does not reach critical temperatures.

I have it mounted on a corsair 7000D tower with 12 fans at maximum 1800 rpm, the rpm curvature adjustments are set so that at 60 degrees they all work at 1800 rpm to avoid component deterioration, the other components are M.2 ssd and RAM style ( with OC at 6000mhz) etc... none go above 50 degrees in maximum performance, the only problem that the motherboard is giving me after updating is that it is at 50 degrees with all the good cooling it has and the vrms too , and sometimes when I open a new style browser to open YouTube it goes to 60 degrees for a few seconds...

The PSU is a 1000w Gygabyte UD1000GM PG5 (rev. 2.0)

The 2X16G Kingston ddr5 with EXPO profile for Amd at 6000mhz (it has two profiles and I put the first one that leaves the voltage at 1.35 if I remember correctly)

berchmark CINEBENCH3D TEMPS ryzen 7900x3D: 

in rest TEMPS ryzen 7900x3D: 

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Journeyman III

I have recently done undervolt and I have passed cinebench to see if it was stable, reducing the negative optimization curve by -20 and the PBO to 110 and I have managed to lower the temperatures in cinebench by more than 10 degrees obtaining the same performance(max temperature package 78 degrees and cores 73 degrees) and in idl package 50 degrees and cores 37 and vrm in cinebench and idl in stable 52 degrees.

CINEBENCH BERCHMARK WHIT UNDERVOLT: (the dark orange was without undervolt and the light one is with undervolt)



I have to say that I was worried because I'm from Spain and I live in the warmest area of ​​the country (in summer it's 40 degrees every day) so if I didn't do undervoltage, even having the best cooling, it could damage the PC in summer due to high temperatures. 

Adept I

I was with very similar question myself.

I did the same thing as you did the curve and PBO. (it's what gave to me the BEST score in Cinebench, and the temps in Cinebench around high-70C

Other thing I did was to do a offset undervolt, and not doing anything with curve or PBO.
My CPU have a SP score of 106, and I manage to do a offset undervolt of 0.105 (still trying to increase more, see the limits)
with this settings my cinebench goes maximum of 60C!!!

But.... doesn't matter what I do, the IDLE IS ALWAYS 50!!!!  (but the individual cores are 26 to 30) So I think it's safe!