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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7600X Random Restarting

I just got this pc together about three months ago. Everything brand new. Full list at the bottom. Sometimes it runs for a few hours, sometimes a few days, sometimes a few minutes and it just randomly restarts. It seems to be getting worse lately. Could be a slightly higher ambient temp now that winter is gone but my CPU temps are still usually in the LOW 40s when it crashes. I see a critical error in the event viewer for every time it restarts (System Kernel-Power Event ID 41). I am not seeing any windows dump files being created. When it restarts I'm usually just doing something low task like browsing the web.

I have updated the BIOS for all the stable versions that have come out. This latest version says “By following the mitigation from AMD, fix CPU SoC voltage upper limit for Ryzen 7000X3D and non-X3D series CPU, which might affect the performance of certain EXPO memory modules.” With the earlier BIOS versions I have independently disable CPU C State Control and A-XMP and it still randomly restarts. I've read some forums where others had similar issues some being solved by the C State Control, memory settings, of changing voltage offsets. Don't know to play with memory settings or voltage offsets without some guidance. Everything in the BIOS is from “load optimized defaults”. I have not and don't plan on overclocking, its not a gaming rig and I just want a stable machine.

I tried running the Ryzen Master application to run the curve optimizer because I heard some issues have been attributed to it. I've tried running it for all cores and per core and it crashed A LOT when it runs to optimize the settings. The results after applying the optimized settings was it restarting so often I could not hardly get into windows (would restart within 5 seconds of booting up) so I would have to “load optimized defaults” in the BIOS. The optimized offset for all cores was -7 I think? The optimized settings for per core was -19, -5, 0, -18, -9, 0. Manually setting the voltage offset lower ( a bigger negative value) seems to increase the probability of crashing but with a 0 offset or with the Curve Optimizer off it still crashes sometimes as often as every two minutes. This gives me a hunch a faulty core needs a higher than usual voltage and is crashing when voltage drops? Maybe I'm way off but is there a way to turn off a core and test this theory? I don't see how to make the voltage offset positive and don't know how high is safe if I could.

I was hopping a BIOS update would fix this but I just updated to the latest yesterday and no change. Can anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this or should I be looking at a warranty return?

Computer specs in follow up post... 

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