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Adept I

Ryzen 7 5800x shuts down at 70 °C


I set up my new PC two days ago and when trying to play GW2 yesterday, the CPU shut down due to overheating. I checked if the CPU is mounted correctly to the cooler, it seemed that the heat paste was distributed evenly and I pulled the sticker off the cooler before attaching. In Idle, the CPU temperature is between 28-33 °C.  Monitoring the CPU temperature when restarting the game, the temperature limit was 70°C. Since I read that the Ryzen 7 5800x is reaching far higher temperatures on a regular basis, can it be that this temperature is set too low? If yes, can it be changed? 
Moreover, I installed Windows 11 Pro Education N, but read online that only Windows 10 is supported by AMD. Do you have experiences with overheating the CPU due to the operating system?

Thanks for your input


CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X
CPU Cooler: Jonsbo CR-701 
RAM: G.Skill Aegis DIMM Kit 32 GB, DDR4-3200
PSU: Corsair CX750F 
GPU: ASUS Geforce RTX 3070 Dual
Housing: ASUS ROG Strix Helios 

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So, I downloaded Ryzen Masters and saw, that when shutting down, the voltage supply is was to high (about 1.78 V), so it seems to be something wrong with that. When manually setting it to a maximum of 1.5 V and downclocking it a bit, it runs stably. But I guess it should be a RMA case if it cannot run at the advertised values with standard settings.

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shutting down at 70c is a bit premature .. Over 90c would be a more appropriate shut down temp

Reset your BIOS to defaults and then Update your motherboards BIOS to latest. Re-enable DOCP after the update

Memory should be installed in slots A2/B2 (2nd and 4th slots away from CPU socket)

Make sure you are running separate power leads to each power input on your GPU 

Make sure to install latest AM4 chipset drivers from 

ThreeDee PC specs

Thanks for the tips, the BIOS version seemed to be up to date and the memory cards and the power inputs of the GPU are attached correctly. I installed the drivers and retried running GW2, same problem again.


Thanks for sharing the solution. It will help me a lot.

Alisha Pal

Has the OP tried a better thermal paste and run the fan profile utility to get a better fan curve for his setup?


I have used the thermal paste  Arctic MX-5 when reinstalling the setup, but haven't run a fan profile utility. But the temperature in the case should be quite good, since the temperature of all parts is relatively low.  


To finish everything up:

I sent back the CPU and it was tested, it was indeed broken, so I got a new one, and now, everything is working perfectly fine.

Where are you getting your AMD Processor's Temperature from? Ryzen Master or a 3rd party Monitoring software?

If Ryzen Master is showing 70c and your CPU is shutting down than you might have a defective CPU Thermal sensor or your motherboard is misreading the CPU's temperature.

I would use 2-3 Monitoring software besides Ryzen Master to confirm if the CPU sensor is defective or not. If it is I would open a AMD Warranty Request and see if AMD believe you need to RMA your processor to be checked from here:

Could also be your CPU Cooler not doing it job or it isn't powerful enough to maintain your processor from overheating. Your Processor rated TDP is 105 Watts. So you need a powerful CPU Cooler to keep your processor from overheating.

Your Processor's Maximum Operating Temperature is 90c so 70c is well within its Maximum Operating Temperature. It shouldn't shut down at 70c unless it is defective.

You shut down could be related to PSU power issues, Overheating (GPU or CPU), Overclocking or Underclocking, GPU driver, Defective Hardware, Ram issues, Incompatibility issues etc.

EDIT: According to Techpowerup your CPU Cooler is rated at 135 Watts TDP which I believe is not strong enough for your processor. 

Screenshot 2022-01-13 123521.png

I have a Cooler Master Hyper212 EVO which is rated at 150 Watts TDP and keeps my Ryzen 3700x below 72c with 2 fans attached. My Ryzen is rated at a TDP of 65 Watts.

Before opening a AMD Warranty I would replace your CPU Cooler with a more powerful CPU Cooler and see if it continue to shut down at 70c.

It is possible whatever monitoring software you are using is not giving out the correct CPU Temperature.


Download and run OCCT's CPU, GPU, & PSU tests and see if any of those 3 tests causes your PC to shut down.

While running the tests keep an eye on Temperatures, Fan Speeds, and PSU Outputs.

I ran all tests for 1 hour, everything looks fine. PC didn't crash and the CPU was able to heat up to 90C without shutting down. 

I now also tested my RAM with memtest 86, also looked good.

But when trying cinebench or GW2, it shut down after a maximum of 5 minutes

I used Armoury Crate and HWinfo. They all showed the same values.

With the cooler, shouldn't it still manage to not overheat, but on a lower clock? I am buying a new one, just wanted to test everything with the old cooler until the new one arrives


So, I downloaded Ryzen Masters and saw, that when shutting down, the voltage supply is was to high (about 1.78 V), so it seems to be something wrong with that. When manually setting it to a maximum of 1.5 V and downclocking it a bit, it runs stably. But I guess it should be a RMA case if it cannot run at the advertised values with standard settings.

If the Processor's vCORE was 1.78 volts that is why it is shutting down. It probably is exceeding it maximum engineered safe parameters at that voltage and shutting down to prevent damage.

Now the problem is whether the Processor is defective or the Motherboard is defective.

What is causing the processor's vCORE to exceed its safety range and shutting down.

I would open 2 Support tickets and see what AMD says and your Motherboard's Support says.

While thinking about what would cause a Processor's vCORE to exceed its safety limits only BIOS can do that when the processor is  being overclocked.

PBO2 is suppose to overclock the processor safely automatically. At least, PBO originally. So the problem seems to be a BIOS issue with PBO2 and your processor.

Possibly BIOS is not configured correctly for you processor by the Motherboard manufacturer.


Yes you are right ryzen 7 5800 automatic shutdown at 70 c , ram are also heat laptop thats why ryzen 7 disappoint me .

Journeyman III

My R 7 5800x is overheating and shutting down the PC saying check Fan overheating and more before rebooting again. It's annoying I'm gonna checkout Intel On my next Build. 

I had some Support person say it's my GPU but It runs other games fine at lower temps than my other GPU's they supplied no help at all. no warranty option. I'm trying a "Better" AIO and if it happens again I'm finished with AMD sadly.