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Adept I

Ryzen 7 5700X Voltage always stuck/high

Hello, as you can see in the title, i have a R7 5700X, and the core voltage it's always above 1V.


At my workplace i have a R5 4600G (APU), and the core voltage isn't always fixed, it balaces around 0.6-1.2V. that's why i think that's strange. At idle the APU stands for about 22ºC in idle, max it goes is 35ºC working. Here my R7 it's always above 30ºC at idle.


I haven't done any under/overclock and i don't wanna do any overC (i just want efficiency and good fresh temperatures) the mobo settings are stock and PBO disable, i even tried eco mode but its the same, I'm maybe missing some simple config.


Hope somebody can help me.

--Asus B550-A Gaming; 32GB 3200MHz Ram; Rx 6750 XT.

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Big Boss

PedroUser804, 30 C is fine at idle. What is the ambient temperature? Please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master. Thanks and enjoy, John.

Hi misterj, thank you for you response, the ambient temperature are more or less 15-16º. I know its fine but if the wattage went a bit lower, could be better.Captura de ecrã 2023-02-23 233601.png


PedroUser804, the temperature is a little high for that ambient and all cores asleep but  not a problem. Please carefully check your cooler to be sure it is tight. Also please post your parts. Thanks and enjoy, John.

Misterj, when i'm gaming the temperatures don't go more than 50ºC (I play games like The Witcher 3, Mafia 3, Beamng, Simrail and others in the same range, some of them are hard on the CPU. I double checked the cooler it's tighten and has enough thermal paste.


I have a Asus B550-A Gaming, 2x Kingston 16GB 3200MHz DDR4, Asus Dual Rx6750 XT, Nox Hummer 600w Bronze. All AMD chip and graphs installed.

Thanks for the respond


Thanks PedroUser804. I think you are good to go. Post again if you have more questions. Thanks and enjoy, John.


Thank you for your response and your time spent. Hope someone else who can fix the problem of the idle voltage can help.

Have a good weekend.


PedroUser804, the RM screenshot showed min/max core voltage of .3 to .9 Volts which I think is fine. I think you do not have a problem. Thanks and enjoy, John.